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Owiwi offers pioneer services and an unmatched solution to the process or attracting, evaluating and hiring candidates. We combine cutting-edge technology with the latest research in Business Psychology and Game Design to reduce the risk of a bad hire


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Owiwi Innovation

Owiwi has revolutionized the way HR managers select and hire candidates! We have created a unique platform, which in reality is an innovative recruitment tool that takes the shape of an interactive, immersive game. The game is designed in order to measure a job candidate’s soft skills, which are skills that should go hand-in-hand with hard skills

Who are the millenials

“Millennials” is a term invented by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1987 and, at the time, it referred to those who would graduate from high school in the year 2000 (therefore, they wore born in 1982). Later on, in 1993, the term “Generation Y” appeared in an Ad Age editorial and referred to the demographic cohort following “Generation X”, i.e. those who were 11 or younger in 1993.


Millennials have specific distinct characteristics: first of all, they were raised in an era where using technology to facilitate work, transactions, and communication, or even just for fun, became a reality. They grew up as digital natives; they had access to social networks, smart phones, tablets, and pretty much all of the other pieces of technology that we use today and the new behaviors that go along with them.

Why are important

Millennials have proved to be very valuable in the workplace. Apart from the fact that they easily adopt new technologies and, thus, they often lead organizational change because of technological innovation, Millennials also alter who does the job and why. They vastly prefer to work in teams, they enjoy undertaking interdisciplinary tasks.

The Game

Owiwi's Assessment Tool is a full-service, serious-gaming platform aimed at assessing players’ soft skill strengths and areas of improvement. Combining the latest in psychological research with intricate game design, we have created a tool whereby players engage in an immersive gaming experience where their every interaction helps to shape a comprehensive soft skills profile.
A truly unique value proposition, Owiwi is a hiring director’s best friend. We save businesses time and money by helping them find the right talent for the right roles in a way that’s quick, efficient and fun.

An Immersive And Engaging Psychometric Tool.
Bringing together sophisticated illustration with real-life decision-making scenarios, players engage in a unique and immersive gaming experience where every interaction helps to shape a psychologically-validated and comprehensive soft skills profile.

Accurate Results Facilitate Effective Recruiting.
Detailed profile reports provide hiring managers with invaluable insight into candidates’ soft skills, including leadership, team work and time management skills, which may not otherwise surface using traditional recruiting methods.

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Combining cutting-edge technology with the latest research in Behavioral Psychology and Game Design.


Credible and scientifically validated psychometric model to ensure conclusive results


Credible and scientifically validated psychometric model to ensure conclusive results

Fun & Fast

Generate authentic character profiles through immersive, fun and engaging gaming experiences

Candidate profile reports are delivered within seconds to your Email after completing the assessment


Meet our Team


    Christoforos LoutzakisCTO & Co-Founder

    One of OWIWI’s propellers is Christoforos Loutzakis, who not only co-founded the company but also developed the IT infrastructure of the company’s flagship assessment tool and platform. With a Computer Systems and Applications degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and research team leadership experience while working for a multinational company, this feat is not unexpected.


    Ilias VartholomaiosCEO & Co-Founder

    Elias holds a BSc in Business Administration from Brunel University of London with high distinction as well as an MSc in International Business and Management from Alba Graduate Business School. He recently took a diploma in Digital Marketing while he has a certification in gamification from the University of Pennsylvania.


    Athina Polina-NtovaCOO & Co-Founder

    Athina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with Specialization in Labor Law and Labor Relations from Democritus University of Thrace as well as an MSc in International Business and Management from Alba Graduate Business School. Recently she took a certification in Game Theory Strategy from Yale University.

  • Dr. Ioannis NikolaouCSO

    Dr. Nikolaou is a Work & Organizational Psychologist and an Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Department of Management Science and Technology.


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